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Excellent Clean provides School Cleaning services in Cork

We offer superior cleaning services to all schools that require regular cleaning services with an emphasis on quality and value for money. Property management firms, facility managers, and building owners in commercial and institutional markets trust Excellent Clean for our high standards in industrial cleaning, office cleaning, and janitorial services, By choosing Excellent Clean you can be assured that your premises will be impeccably maintained and will reflect the professional image you wish to project to your clients and employees.


From classrooms, staff rooms, assembly halls, and libraries to the canteen, gymnasium, changing rooms, and toilets, there’s a lot to keep clean in an educational establishment.

This environment presents its own unique challenges. Accommodation is heavily used throughout the day and cleanliness is essential for the health and safety of students and staff, as well as for maintaining a professional and welcoming environment that promotes learning.

Whether you’re in charge of the facilities management of a primary school, secondary school, or college, having a reliable, organized, and efficient team to keep your premises clean and hygienic is essential.

Our School Cleaning Services

School cleaning services are a lot different from other cleaning services. As a result, we use safe cleaning products, and if you require us not to use certain products in the classrooms because of allergies we will accommodate this. Our school cleaners are specifically trained to clean schools and childcare facilities. We can offer early morning cleans as well as evening cleans and can offer services to fit the needs of your school.

Our cost-effective service makes the safety and security of your school a priority and helps to create a welcoming atmosphere for pupils, staff, and visitors.

Whether your school cleaning is currently managed by your local authority or is provided by a third party, at Excellent  Clean LTD we are confident that we could provide you with a better service at a competitive price. All our cleaning staff are fully trained and where required are DBS checked.


School contract cleaning in Cork is on the increase as more and more schools and colleges opt to subcontract to external companies. One benefit is cost, as it becomes very affordable to use a school cleaning company in Cork given there is no need to pay full-time staff wages for in-house cleaners during the holidays.

We take a flexible approach and if required can provide one-off school deep cleaning during holidays.

We deliver quality commercial cleaning services which is why we don’t tie you into a long-term contract.

We know from our years of experience that the only way to do this is by having great and consistent supervision. It’s so important to have managers on-site regularly while the team is actually cleaning the offices, to check the quality of the work.

We have a great recruitment regime and training throughout all levels of the commercial cleaning company.


Our School Cleaning Service Includes:

  • General Cleaning e.g. Reception Areas, etc.
  • Washroom and Bathroom Deep Cleaning
  • Staff Rooms and Offices
  • Restaurant, Bar, and Canteen Deep Cleaning
  • Classrooms, Lecture, and Seminar Rooms
  • Auditoriums, Assembly Rooms, Sports Rooms and Gyms
  • Accommodation and Dormitories
  • Regular cleaning during the school term
  • End-of-term school deep cleaning
  • End of school year deep cleaning
  • Communal area cleaning
  • Antiviral disinfection (sanitization)
  • Classrooms, lecture, and seminar rooms
  • Offices & staff rooms
  • Reception areas
  • Assembly rooms, auditoriums, and sports halls
  • Hallways and corridors
  • Toilets and bathrooms
  • Dining centres, restaurants, and bars
  • Art rooms, science rooms
  • Libraries
  • Communal areas such as lifts, stairs, etc.
  • Canteens, school equipment
  • workspaces, chairs, printers, monitors, computers, and keyboards.

Protecting Your Students

The most important thing is making sure that the students are learning in a safe and healthy environment. Our professional school cleaning service will help you achieve this goal with our thorough contract cleaning.

With so many students - and adults - in one place, there is a greater opportunity for germs and bacteria to spread. Ensuring the well-being of the students raises the quality of your learning establishment and increases your reputation as a happy and trustworthy place for parents to send their children to. Clean and well-ventilated classrooms will also increase student productivity and raise their level of enjoyment in their studies.

Stress Free Staff

Schools and colleges are a demanding and time-consuming working environment. They are also typically expansive buildings which means they take a long time to clean.

With 5 plus years of experience under our belt, we are fully capable of taking on this task and thereby taking a weight off your staff's minds. Our professional school cleaning services will help make your educational facility a happier place for staff to work and they will be able to put all of their attention and focus on the students without worrying about the cleaning.

Ensuring the Security of Your Students

A chief worry of parents is that their students might not be secure in educational establishments where there are external visitors. To put your minds and parents’ minds at ease, we assure you that our staff is DBS checked to make sure they are safe to work around children.

Our school cleaners also wear uniforms so you can easily identify them. Our quality auditing means we will always achieve the high standards you require for your learning facility, providing you with the best school cleaning service possible.

Increase the Presentability of Your School

Schools are a very public part of life with parent-teacher meetings, external inspections, and open days and evenings. A school cleaning service makes sure your school is looking presentable and professional, exponentially increasing your reputation. Parents will become more confident their children are getting a good education and it will increase your standings in an inspection.

As far as open days are concerned, a clean school will convey the message that your learning establishment is a professional and happy place to work and encourage people to consider studying there. Maybe it will even increase your numbers!

School Deep Cleaning

School is the place that children go to learn, they learn about life and how to become better, educated little people. These small but developing minds need to be safe and secure.

Parents trust schools to have the same amount of cleanliness that they do at home. They trust you with their children’s lives and futures, so why wouldn’t you hire a professional cleaning company to help with that?


School General Cleaning

Our expert team will both clean and sanitize every nook and cranny of your school ensuring your equipment, classrooms, toilets, and hallways are dirt and bacteria-free.

We are aware that teachers are worried about the coronavirus and parents of students, are equally so.  There is fear of going back to the workplace or the seat of learning.

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Best Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Services in Cork

Throughout Cork City and surrounding areas, Excellent Clean LTD has the safety of our clients in mind. Our House cleaning services are designed to be tough on germs, dirt, and grime, but safe for your family and gentle on your home’s surfaces. We use EPA-registered cleaning products for all of our Residential cleaning services, and for our Deep cleaning services, we use products that clean your surfaces and protect your home.


We are fully insured knowledgeable and competent when it comes to health and safety standards.
We have qualified staff that hold Safe Pass, and Manual Handling. Whether you are looking for Commercial Cleaning Services in Cork or other Residential cleanings, Office cleaning services in Cork

Excellent Clean LTD is committed to your well-being. We are also thoroughly trained in the proper products and procedures to offer effective, safe cleanings, and are insured and bonded to protect your best interests. Do not forget to check out our Cleaning Tips

We Cover Cork City and Surrounding Areas

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