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Excellent Clean Provides Bar, Nightclub & Pub Cleaning Services in Cork

We provide professional Bar, Nightclub & Pub Cleaning Services throughout Cork and surrounding towns with an emphasis on quality and value for money. We understand the importance of keeping commercial premises clean and tidy to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for staff and visitors. We provide a one-stop cleaning solution for all commercial sites, no matter the scope or size.

In safe and effective cleaning methods and always pay close attention to detail. Our experienced cleaning operatives leave no areas untouched and ensure your whole premises receive a thorough clean. Our commercial cleaning work consistently meets all current government guidelines giving you peace of mind about the quality and integrity of our work.

Importance Of Bar & Pub Cleaning

Keeping your bar or pub clean should be a top priority for every owner or manager. Still, it’s even more vital these days where sanitizing and cleanliness will determine whether customers feel safe enough to visit your establishment.

The best way to ensure customers keep coming back is to have a cleaning routine for your staff while also having a professional cleaning service working alongside you to keep your place in tip-top shape.

We recommend considering a regular professional cleaning service to top up all the activities your staff already undertake in your venue. This second set of eyes that come for the specific cleaning task – rather than cleaning after an already long shift – will keep your space at that next level.

Professional Bar & Pub Cleaning service in Cork

Whether your business is a traditional pub, a bar, an independent cafe, or a chain, our high standards of cleanliness, and understanding of Health & Safety and will ensure that we will deliver the work with care and minimum disruption to your customers. Our experienced cleaners are aware of the responsibility and the attention to detail required when it comes to pub cleaning services.

With so much competition in the sector, pub and bar owners must stand out from the rest and a clean environment is one of the first things the customers notice.  It has been found that most customers look at the hygiene standard of the premises when looking for a place to visit online. A fresh and clean first impression can sometimes be all it takes for customers to come into your pub or restaurant and spend hours in there.

Why Choose Excellent Clean LTD For Your, Bar, Nightclub, Or Pub?

Just try us out if you remain unsure about what we can do for your hospitality business. We think you will be so impressed by the results that you will never look back.

We offer all of our bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and pubs the same high level of cleaning service. No matter what your current cleaning arrangements are, we will raise your game in terms of safety and hygiene control.

Our expertise in cleaning various commercial premises makes us a popular choice for cleaning pubs, bars, cafes, nightclubs & restaurants across Cork


Bar, Nightclub & Pub Cleaning Service Cork

Contract Bar Cleaning Services

Our team of specialist bar cleaners have years of experience in cleaning and maintaining premises like yours. We tailor our services to meet your particular needs, however, a typical bar cleaning schedule would include:

  • Cleaning all the bar stools and legs.
  • Cleaning and polishing the bar area.
  • Clean and polish the tables chairs and chair legs.
  • Ensuring the toilets and washrooms are cleaned to a high standard.
  • Cleaning and polishing all the mirrors picture glass and frames.
  • Ensuring all vending machines and fruit machines are clean and hygienic.
  • Cleaning and dusting all walls, doors, stairs, and banisters.
  • Mopping, polishing, and cleaning of the wooden floors.

Excellent Clean Limited are specialist in bar cleaning services in and around the Cork area.

If you’re a bar or wine bar owner you know how important it is for your business to maintain clean, hygienic, and healthy premises for both your staff and clientele.

Hiring a specialist contract cleaning company takes the daily pressures away from having to manage in-house staff and oversee them to ensure it’s done properly, leaving you free to work on more important matters for your business.

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Valerie O Connor
Valerie O Connor
Excellent service, top class deep clean done on 2 very soiled wheelie bins at short notice. I highly recommend Excellent Clean LTD. Will definitely use this company again.
Shannon Bridgeman
Shannon Bridgeman
I had excellent clean down today to clean 2 very soiled wheelie bins i was delighted with the service and he did my other 2 bins for me as at a reasonabl addional cost The bins where super clean the young cleaned and tidied the area put the bins back in there usual spot and he was very pleasant and mannerly to deal with I would highly recommend excellent clean A Happy customer
jo de lamar
jo de lamar
Did a good job. Fitted me in on short notice and worked late. Very accommodating and punctual. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.
Catherine Howell
Catherine Howell
Excellent Clean really were excellent. Communication with the company was very good throughout the whole process. A hardworking team came and did a thorough and professional job of cleaning what was quite a challenging house. I was very happy with the service.
Anne Murray
Anne Murray
Thomas Wertnig
Thomas Wertnig
Truly outstanding service. Quick response time and communication, followed by excellent quality of work delivered. I will definitely retain their services again, and recommend them to anyone else in need of professional cleaning services.
Fiona Walsh
Fiona Walsh
Excellent job done in my two bathrooms. They were on time and worked very hard for the time they were there. Bathrooms are looking fabulous as a result.
Colin Miraglio
Colin Miraglio
I recommend this company. Dave was very responsive and accommodating, and the cleaners were very friendly and professional. They did an outstanding job
Roisin Lynch
Roisin Lynch
Conor Walsh
Conor Walsh
Excellent service. Dave and his team did a great job, would highly recommend.

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Best Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Services in Cork

Throughout Cork City and surrounding areas, Excellent Clean LTD has the safety of our clients in mind. Our House cleaning services are designed to be tough on germs, dirt, and grime, but safe for your family and gentle on your home’s surfaces. We use EPA-registered cleaning products for all of our Residential cleaning services, and for our Deep cleaning services, we use products that clean your surfaces and protect your home.


We are fully insured knowledgeable and competent when it comes to health and safety standards.
We have qualified staff that hold Safe Pass, and Manual Handling. Whether you are looking for Commercial Cleaning Services in Cork or other Residential cleanings, Office cleaning services in Cork

Excellent Clean LTD is committed to your well-being. We are also thoroughly trained in the proper products and procedures to offer effective, safe cleanings, and are insured and bonded to protect your best interests. Do not forget to check out our Cleaning Tips

We Cover Cork City and Surrounding Areas

Our professional cleaning services are affordable, efficient, and completely customizable, so you choose what gets done in your home or office. Our wide service area and expert-level training and certification allow us to provide a variety of services, including:

Are you looking for cleaners with a safe pass?

At Excellent Clean LTD We have qualified staff that hold Safe Pass and Manual Handling

Are you looking for Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services near your home? Here we go! We are a leading commercial laundromat and dry cleaner in Cork, offering professional laundry cleaning services to your business and home. We recognise that today’s professionals have an extremely busy schedule. This leaves you with little to no time for laundry. If you need a professional laundry service near me, we have you covered. Excellent Dry Cleaners LTD provides a wide range of laundry cleaning services around Cork. Whether you need us for a commercial or home environment, we have broad skills in any fabric.


Our Cleaning services Includes:

Our cleaning services are as flexible as you need them to be. We can hoover the floors, mop any hardwood floors, wipe down all of the tables, the bar, and any other surfaces, and ensure any cobwebs are removed and everywhere has a thorough dusting. We can also empty any bins behind the bar and get your bar or pub ready to welcome guests.

Your Bar, Nightclub & Pub is your passion and your livelihood. Your staff relies on your business to provide them with income and career experience. Most importantly, your customers are tired of being cooped up, and they’ve been missing their regular visits to your restaurant. With restrictions being lifted, you’re eager to get back to work. The pandemic has forced Bar, Nightclub & Pub, and restaurant owners to take extra precautions for cleaning to ensure a safe dining experience for their patrons. Before opening your doors, it helps to use a restaurant cleaning checklist. The success of your reopening depends on your restaurant being clean as a whistle. Make your first call to Excellent Clean Company and leave your cleaning to the commercial cleaning experts. The cleanliness of your Bar, Nightclub & Pub is just as important as your delicious food and great service.

The front of the house gives your patrons their first glimpse of what’s to come, and you want it to be impressive. Follow this checklist to ensure a welcoming entrance:

  • Clean and inspect the outside of your restaurant, Bar, Nightclub & Pub
  • Clean ashtrays
  • Pick up stray trash outside
  • Empty trash cans
  • Clean exterior windows
  • Sanitize railings
  • Disinfect entrance doors, frames, and handles
  • Dust all wall décor and decorative ledges
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Clean tables and seating
  • Vacuum rugs and upholstery and clean legs
  • Polish leather furniture and wood tables
  • Dust and degrease window blinds, windowsills, and shutters
  • Clean ceiling air vents and ceiling tiles

Contract Cleaning

If you want your commercial premises to be cleaned at regular intervals, then why not take out a cleaning contract with us?

we can arrange for our team to visit at scheduled intervals to work around the needs of your business. Our flexible rolling contracts mean you can focus on your day-to-day work, with peace of mind your cleaning requirements are in safe hands.

We are happy to tailor our 1st class cleaning services to meet your exact requirements and will work around you to minimize the impact on your daily operations. We offer unbeatable value and impeccable results time and time again.

What Is a Restaurant Cleaning Checklist?

By having a deep cleaning restaurant checklist of what cleaning tasks need to be performed, you can rest assured that all areas of your restaurant are clean and safe, and your staff is complying with the necessary food safety procedures.

Risks will negatively impact your fine reputation and the health department could shut your operation down completely.

Back of the House Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Thoroughly clean the back of the house to prevent the spread of bacteria and foodborne illness.

  • Clean all large appliances—ovens, grills, fryers, stoves, refrigerators, freezers
  • Clean small appliances—blenders, toasters, meat slicers, coffee machines
  • Sanitize cutting boards and food prep surfaces
  • Clean grease traps, dispose of grease
  • Clean hood filters
  • Empty trash
  • Launder rags, aprons, chef coats
  • Sanitize sinks, faucets, and soda guns
  • Clean and sanitize ice bins
  • Wash walls and ceilings
  • Flush floor drains with drain cleaners
  • Cover all food for refrigerator in air-tight containers

Bar Cleaning Checklist

The bar area is another area where spills get sticky and become a magnet for bacteria. Use this bar cleaning checklist to keep it sanitary:

  • Wipe down all counters, shelves, and surfaces
  • Sanitize sinks and drains
  • Clean on and around bar mats
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Empty trash and replace bags
  • Clean and flush floor drains

Floor Cleaning Checklist

Dirty, sticky floors are a real turn-off for your customers. Check off these items for squeaky clean floors:

  • Clean and mop floors
  • Wash floor mats
  • Wash baseboards and kickplates
  • Spot clean the carpets
  • Remove gum and sticky items
  • Vacuum rugs and carpets

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

The following kitchen restaurant cleaning checklist will keep your kitchen sparkling:

  • Clean all large and small cooking equipment with a degreaser
  • Clean and sanitize all prep tables
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Break down and clean burners, ovens, salamanders, vent hoods
  • Empty grease traps
  • Disinfect floor drains
  • Remove and clean floor mats

Cafeteria Cleaning Checklist

Clean your cafeteria according to this checklist:

  • Clean ovens, grills, stoves, steam tables, and all cooking equipment with a degreaser
  • Clean shelving, counters, and prep tables
  • Clean and disinfect floor drains
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Clean vent hoods
  • Clean inside and outside of sinks and large appliances
  • Clean floor mats

Pastry or Bakery Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Check off the items on this bakery restaurant checklist to welcome back your customers and satisfy their sweet tooth:

  • Clean inside and outside of ovens
  • Clean all baking racks and trays
  • Clean all display cabinets inside and out
  • Clean vent hoods inside and out
  • Clean and sparkle register area
  • Empty grease traps and disinfect floor drains
  • Clean floors and floor mats
  • Clean inside and outside of refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances
  • Inspect bakery supplies for evidence of kitchen pests
  • Clean all chairs and tables

    Choose Safety-Minded Professional Cleaning Services in Cork

    Throughout Cork City and surrounding areas, Excellent Clean Company has the safety of our clients in mind. Our house cleaning services are designed to be tough on germs, dirt, and grime, but safe for your family and gentle on your home’s surfaces. We use EPA-registered cleaning products for all of our Residential cleaning services, and for our Deep cleaning services, we use products that clean your surfaces and protect your home.

    Whether you are looking for Commercial Cleaning Services in Cork or other Residential cleaningsOffice cleaning services in Cork
    Excellent Clean Company is committed to your well-being. We are also thoroughly trained in the proper products and procedures to offer effective, safe cleanings, and are insured and bonded to protect your best interests.  Request a quote today!

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