Professional Cleaning Services in Cork

You Get More Time to Focus on Important Things

There are several things that need to be done when you’re moving, and cleaning will fall somewhere on the list. However, utilizing move-out cleaning services from Excellent Clean Company doesn’t need to be on your list at all.

As a comprehensive move-out cleaning service, we can clean up your old space when you leave so you can only focus on the future. As a detailed move-in cleaning service, we’ll prep your home for you to enter with no problems and no dirt to find.

So instead of focusing on scrubbing down toilets and deep cleaning carpets, you can focus on other important tasks such as:

  1. Coordinating with the moving company
  2. Transferring utilities
  3. Hooking up Wi-Fi and other important lines
  4. Transferring insurance
  5. Organizing boxes and putting them in the correct rooms
  6. Turning in old keys

Be Protected from Germs and Bacteria Right Off the Bat

Even if you move into a new house that you built and never lived in, you’re still going to have dust, dirt, and germs to contend with. If you’re moving into a space that others have lived in, then you’re definitely going to run into some cleaning needs right off the bat.

Some of the main areas you’ll need to focus on are your carpets, floors, and ceilings. Carpets can hold a large amount of dirt, while floors can get dirty in one day. And your ceilings? Just think about the cobwebs that can accumulate over time and hide in plain sight.

It’s so important for you to clean your new space so that your health and safety are protected as much as possible. You’ll want a deep clean that goes from floor to ceiling, cleaning every surface, object, and appliance present so you’ll feel more comfortable in your new home.

You’ll thank us later when you can take your first shower in our new home and know that it’s been disinfected from top to bottom.

Get Your Security Deposit Back Faster

One of the main worries of people who move is the security deposit. Landlords can be extremely detailed in how they decide to give a security deposit back or not, and one of the main areas they usually focus on is cleaning.

To play your cards right and make your life easier, a cleaning service is a perfect solution to this problem. You’ll be able to have documented proof that expert cleaners came into your space and cleaned it to the highest levels of cleanliness.

If for some reason they have some issue with the final product, you can then come to us, and we can go in and fix it for you —no extra charge. It’s part of our satisfaction guarantee, and it’s one we stick to in every situation.

Have a Cleaning Solution for Every Space

You may not be sure that a cleaning service is right for you if you own anything but your average residential home in the suburbs, but you would be dead wrong. The expert cleaning service provided by Excellent Clean Company is versatile in that we can change our cleaning plans to match whatever space you have.

Ask any of our clients who have utilized our services — everything is customized to them to exceed their cleaning goals and needs. We want to help make this process as easy as possible for you.

Even if we’re cleaning an apartment for the move-out part and cleaning a four-bedroom home for the move-in section, we have all the cleaning solutions and equipment needed to leave each space spotless and sparkling.

The Experts of Move in Move Out Cleaning

If you’re moving or plan to in the future and are looking to partner with a cleaning company that cares, we highly encourage you to reach out to Excellent Clean Company today for more information. With our wide service area and ability to provide almost any service you could think of, we’re the best choice to make your life easier when starting a new chapter in your life.